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  • Looking to accept credit cards in your business? 
  • Maybe adding mobile or internet sales capability?
  • Already accepting cards but not sure your program is as good as you were told?

           Remember this……..

If you have not had a review by your current provider in the last 6 months…..you’re due!


Want to get rid of the confusion around your CC statements?

       Want to actually see/meet your agent?

                Want better rates? Want verifiable experience instead of empty promises?

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Safeguarding sensitive cardholder data:

     At SDPS, we leverage our industry leading strategic partnerships to bring you the latest technologies which provide payment processing solutions that are as secure as they are innovative.

     If there is a best practice to protect payment information, you can rest assured we have it in place. Our partners even have their own internal processor, which means we can maximize payment security by maintaining control over the entire transaction process!  More control means more safety for you!


Most companies are always hoping to save costs, but today more than ever that is only part of the formula for more income, faster CC settlements and easier customer focused processing… 


Consider these facts – 

Successful e-commerce, as we move past Covid19 in 2020, includes solidifying your digital presence! To do that, an integrated and coordinated approach is the key: 

    • Learn how the 3 cornerstones for e-commerce can expand or improve your digital marketing program;
    • Add efficiency with automated AI to your Social Branding strategy;
    • Start using today’s hottest digital tool – videos – in your online presence!

Create, expand, integrate and seamlessly coordinate these elements of your online e-commerce activity into a smooth, easy to manage process.  We will show you how to manage it, or we can do it for you.



Getting Started –

     We’ll help you get a new merchant account or show you how to improve your current credit card sales income by cutting your cc processing costs.  We offer you proven e-commerce solutions and rate structures based on our industry expertise and our 20 plus year reputation of customer focused service. 

Consider these key benefits:

  •  Secure, reliable and certified payment solutions
  •  Innovative sales tools and systems including in-store, mobile and online unattended buyer portals
  •  Next-gen solutions for multiple industries, market segments or buyer types
  •  Seamless connectivity and integration options
  •  Dependable technical and product support
  •  Turnkey marketing and sales resources to grow your business – SM tools, website support/design, branding


True Cost-Plus RATES on your merchant account guaranteed to keep expenses low and consistent –


Whether you’re looking for solutions for a brick-and-mortar location, want to accept payments on-the-go, or need the latest e-commerce solutions, SDPS will customize solutions that will fit your business perfectly. Then, we’ll support those solutions with the back-office features and analytics-driven data you need to increase your efficiency and your profitability.

     By offering your customers more ways to pay, you’ll not only create more long-lasting relationships with the customers you already have, you’ll attract newer, younger consumers who are accustomed to making “frictionless” payments from their mobile devices. You’ll set yourself apart from your competitors by offering the most forward-thinking payment acceptance solutions.

     Want to learn more about our industry-leading smart solutions, competitive rates, and risk-free service agreements?

     We have an easy application process, loaner terminals,online gateways, mobile technologies, plus… no out of pocket costs to set up an account!!!   


See what satisfied customers are saying:

Our Clients are businesses and so we weren’t sure we needed to offer charge cards. Finding SDPS so easy to use and fair priced made the decision to try it worthwhile. From the very first day of offering credit card payments our business customers loved it and began using their cards to make more purchases!  


– Dick Seminara
American Auto Systems | San Clemente, CA


After having tried the others, I quickly found out that Secure Data Payments really is the ***BEST*** credit card processing company out there. I’m glad to be back.” 

– John Short
Professional One Limousine | Woburn, Massachusetts



After researching many credit card services, I found myself very frustrated with the process and even more frustrated with the ridiculous application fees. I was thrilled to finally have found Secure Data, where I was accepting credit cards within days – and for very reasonable rates and no up-front fees.

– Teri Cosentino
The Particular Princess | Pittsfield, MA


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Keeping an Eye on the Future For You

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