Cutting Costs with Evalutrixx-Plus®


…………….may save you 20%-25% or more on your current processing!

     As a credit-card accepting company, you are part of the 80+ % of merchants who know the value that taking credit cards has in bringing in extra sales —-MC/VISA estimates are upwards of 40% in some cases.

That is a large percent of total sales!

But are you paying too much for your program?

Our guess is you are!

So why not lower this cost right now as we look down the road in 2018 and beyond?

How applying Evalutrixx-Plus can demonstrate how Reprogramming Saves Money!

In bringing this program to you, Secure Data Payment Systems is able to provide a diversified merchant services analysis covering all aspects of your program.

You get an up to date review, including:

  • a review of  your processing methods,
  • feedback and advice on “best practices” procedures,
  • a detailed analysis of your functional rate and pricing points
  • and a hard copy quote recommending options and projecting savings where they apply.

     In addition to a “low net cost” Visa/MasterCard processing model, we can offer Debit Card program options for retailers along with Check, Internet, mobile, Gift Card and PC options specifically designed for the small to medium sized business (annual sales less than $150 million). As the preferred vendor for many regional business associations and a joint partner with recognized banking institutions (Eastern Bank, Regions Bank, Key Bank) we can offer industry low rates that are sure to lower your costs and increase your profit.

Bottom line…more net income to you!

     Upon conversion to our program after this analysis, we are confident that our high-quality network and expert servicing capability will provide you with the best integrated electronic payment services in the industry.

Please contact us at 800-422-5960×10 by filling out the below form and hit the submit button for immediate assistance with our Evalutrixx-Plus® program.

We will schedule a brief but in-depth review of your business and discuss the details of how SDPS can offer you benefits that positively impact your company or organization.