A Coordinated Approach to eCommerce “Best Practices”: Linking the Roles of Electronic Payments, Website Sales, Marketing, Social Media Presence and Branding


     By combining a complete bundle of core services which create the key tools to help you manage and develop a successful small to medium sized company, SDPS can help you integrate these basic elements in order to successfully launch or refine your branding strategy, marketing objectives, sales funnel and cash flow.

     This bundle includes all the key aspects of managing the fiscal growth and health of your business, whether you are a brick and mortar store, office based wholesaler or distributor/service provider,  professional practice, non-profit, online retailer or multi-site enterprise. 

How did the SDPS approach evolve to help you?

     From the most basic sense….all this is essentially about generating income, plain and simple.  Like it or not, we are all capitalists.  With 25 years in the e-payments industry we are well versed in helping start-ups to mature companies use merchant services to enable customers to pay for products and services without cash in hand.  So this is the foundation of the model.

     The SDPS payments experience pre-dates most of the development of the internet as the sales channel most valuable to virtually every business.  Witnessing its growth has clearly demonstrated that the need for a presence on the internet is absolutely a base line need. 

Over the last 10 years, we noticed of course that this need has escalated dramatically and incorporates sophisticated design, analysis and tools to make up to the minute user flexibility a paramount objective.

With the advent of Social Media platforms now augmenting and in many cases serving as the “voice” of a company, it is imperative that customers can find your company and learn about its products or services there too.

     The explosion of all of the above has now flooded the marketplace with images and content almost by the second.  Most see it as data overload.


     To stand out then, the role of branding is now no longer simply a scattering of static images in an email or on your website or even on Facebook or Twitter or YouTube….today it is enhanced in the most successful companies by using videos to tell stories about their products or services.  Generally recognized as more engaging yielding more sales, the video is also becoming a “must” part of your marketing plan.

The conclusion:  at even the most fundamental levels, companies today need to embrace the natural linking that exists in each of these dynamic aspects of 21st century business.

Allow SDPS to bring you its diversified merchant and social media services program to make your company grow and expand its customer base. 


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