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Develop and Expand Contributions and Effectively Manage Income

     SDPS provides a variety of solutions that make cash flow management simpler and more cost effective for schools, associations, non-profits and other organizations. In addition, our revenue sharing programs provide a unique opportunity for referral partners and their business donors. Organizations get a new, ongoing revenue stream, and their sponsors have the advantage of great rates and service on credit card processing from Secure Data Payment Systems.

     The genesis of this model grew out of a celebrity based endorsement program in the early 90’s in California.  Moving East, chief among these early success stories in Massachusetts in 2001 was the Cam Neely Foundation and it’s Cancer Center at Tufts New England Medical Center in Boston.  

     SDPS executives helped develop that orignial concept and from it came the SDPS school program – Cash for Kids®.

     SDPS developed this innovative option which can provide your public school with a revenue stream, lower the processing costs of participating business sponsors and help defer costs to a town and its taxpayers.  For private schools, it can effortlessly increase the contribution level of business owning alumni. This creates a WIN-WIN model, because it can reduce a sponsors expenses, increase loyalty and expand the contribution channels for the referring school – ALL WITH NO COST.  And for public school in Massachusetts, there are no Chapter 30 conflicts. 

     When you participate in our Cash for Kids® Revenue Sharing Program, we will create a customized marketing plan designed to inform your district’s business community about the program. Once you approve the program, we’ll begin contacting local businesses to explain how we can reduce their bank card processing costs and improve their service while also directing a portion of our revenue to your organization.

Cash for Kids® Benefits Include:

  • Creation of a new channel for fundraising efforts
  • Delivery of an ongoing, steady stream of contributions at no additional expense
  • Ensuring continued donations during challenging economic periods
  • Enhances the link you can provide to business sponsors and builds loyalty among community families
  • Effortless fundraising — we manage the program details
  • Using these new funds for technology, the arts, athletics, supplies and even  scholarships

     For all referred business sponsors from your district or alumni group that select SDPS’s bank card processing services,  the school will receive income on a monthly, recurring basis. 

     To get more information on this program and see what SDPS can do for your school, please use the inquiry form at the bottom of this page and we will call to schedule a time to meet and discuss your interest.  

Make this year the one in which budget limitations don’t get in the way of delivering a better educational experience to your students. 

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