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Merchant Services

At SDPS, we pride ourselves on offering the most competitive products and pricing available and representing the most reliable, stable and experienced processing partners in the business.  Credit and Debit card terminals, POS systems and leasing, mobile & internet processing, recurring billing models along with check and gift cards are all part of our service bundle.


Non-Profit Fundraising

Don’t skip exploring our Innovative Non-Profit Fundraising Model for your Local Civic Organization, School, or other Non-Profit group.
It creates Automatic Recurring Income for Non-Profits. Explore our fundraising page to see how this exciting program works. If you know of, are part of,or want to help a Non Profit, you owe it to them to put them in touch with us about this model…..ideal for small to mid size NP’s seeking to increase income!

NP Donate Key


SDPS provides a variety of solutions that make cash flow management simpler and more cost effective for schools, associations, non-profits and other organizations. In addition, our revenue sharing programs provide a unique opportunity for referral partners and their business donors. Organizations get a new, ongoing revenue stream and their sponsors have the advantage of great rates and service on credit card processing from Secure Data Payment Systems.

Strategic Alliances

We are always looking to form income producing Strategic Alliances with B2B sales pros and industry specific firms that enable our partners to utilize their own network to generate referrals that create ongoing income without any effort, selling or account management…..let us do all the work while you or your firm earns a monthly revenue check!

Mobile & Internet E-Commerce

Surviving and prospering in today’s marketplace requires all companies to provide systems and tools to the consumer that promote the most fluent and friendly buying experience.  SDPS will help you weed through the maze of equipment and software to help you decide and acquire the best option for your needs that allows for seamless future integration and upgrading.  

Next Steps…

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