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Why Choose SDPS as your Payments Partner?

  1. Service. We promise world-class service. Your phone call or question will always be answered by a specialist qualified to assist with your request.
  2. Technology. With SDPS, you aren’t held back by outdated, legacy technology. We’re constantly looking for ways we can use the latest developments to your advantage. From sophisticated reporting to a powerful, new point of sale systems, SDPS gives you the tools that make your business more efficient and productive.
  3. Comprehensive Bank Card Processing. SDPS offers next generation solutions that enable you to accept all forms of payment – credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and check conversion.
  4. Our People. At SDPS, we make the time to get to know our clients and take pride in their successes. Every SDPS employee, affiliate or supply vendor is dedicated to pursuing innovation, providing useful and responsive service and giving back to our communities. At the heart of our business is our elite team of experienced executives, drawn together from various areas of the bank card processing industry by the opportunity to raise the standard of service.
  5. Value. SDPS’s transaction and account fees are competitive with any other processing service, and we’re happy to discuss options that will enable you to lower your current transaction fees.
  6. Nationwide Network. Our nationwide processing partners means that if you have a situation that needs personal attention, specialists are available on a 24/7 basis to be there to walk you through your options and help you choose and implement a new solution or correct existing dilemmas.
  7. Easy Sign Up. If you are a new business, all it takes to sign up with SDPS is a phone call. If you’re in an existing contract, one of our agents can help you determine the best options for lowering your transaction costs. We’ll even work out the details with your current bank card processor.
  8. Next Generation Solutions. Our plans and products are designed to reflect the way you do business and enable you to take advantage of new opportunities. We can accommodate verifications or registrations useful in your industry.
  9. Results. With an industry rating that’s consistently climbing, SDPS has shown itself to be one of the fastest growing merchant service providers in the U.S.
  10. Philanthropy. SDPS believes in taking part in improving our communities. Our industry leading Cash for Kids® and Charitable Fund® programs give public and private schools and foundations a new way to generate funds simply by encouraging their business or alumni supporters to sign up with SDPS.