Making 2019 a year for Philanthropy……….

     In 2019, as we all keep scanning the horizon for meaningful ideas……why not do something truly beneficial that can help others and at the same time reward yourself for doing little more than a making a phone call……that’s it……really and truly!

     I know….. you’re wondering “what’s in it for me”?

     You can receive a referral fee in the form of a recurring monthly income payment that grows for providing an introduction – yes, that’s it.

What do you need to do???

     It’s simple and easy!

     We create our “Charitable Fund” program that helps a local or regional non-profit group you know receive more income………they all need it and never have easy ways to get it!

You know a NP……they’re all over the place and tied to many causes……..

Health/Wellness…..Youth Sports Leagues…… Educational Foundations…….
Breast & Cancer Care….School Districts……Parkinson’s Disease……
Service Dog Centers….Alzheimer’s…….. to name a few.

                        When you think about it, the list is endless really……

How can you make it happen???

     Work with SDPS by letting us show you how it can be done with almost no effort on your or the non-profit’s part.

How does it work?

     This program simply encourages companies owned by members of the general business community, friends or donors of the partnering NPO to align their CC processing with SDPS. SDPS shares growing percentages of earned fee income with the NPO partner.

Who does all the work to make it happen?

     SDPS does all outreach, marketing, contact work, conversions, account management, and monthly reporting.

How much money can be raised for an NPO annually?

     There is no fixed amount as it is entirely based on merchant participation and the total generated fee income. Based on other legacy programs, we have seen groups in like models generate $20K to $35K annually….but this number could be anywhere from 50% of this to 3 Plus times this or actually more…all new cash income for your non-profit org.

What do you do?

     Provide an introduction to someone you know or know of who plays a role in managing a NP, working for the NP, is a sponsor of a NP…..almost anyone involved that we can reach out to and teach them about this exciting option.

Proven and Successful –

      SDPS has used this model for over 20 years and has worked with foundations, Chambers of Commerce, National Trade associations and regional banks as part of its history in managing this program concept.

More about working with SDPS as a Partner –

      We bring 20 PLUS years of payment industry experience along with these key support tools:

  • – – Contractual relationships with all of the industry leading CC processors
  • – – Rate models typically offer savings of 10-30% off current credit card processing costs
  • – – No out-of-pocket costs to join the program, fully EMV and PCI compliant systems
  • – – Program features include mobile technologies, internet processing and loyalty programs
  • – – Better Business Bureau Certified and a member of the Electronic Transaction Association
  • – – Based in Topsfield, MA, we offer personalized 24/7 support

      So let’s start a simple conversation about how you can bring this into play ….click on this link, fill out the short form and I’ll be in touch to arrange a brief meeting to explain the details.

     It’s really a no brainer…..we think you will agree!

     We understand how these programs work and have a reputation built on success.

      I invite you learn more about developing this important networking project together!

      Let’s make 2019 a year to remember by making it a year to help others….